Document Management System (DMS): How it works [✅2022] (2023)

The essentials in brief

  • Document Management Systems (DMS) & cloud based document management are increasingly used for various private or business solutions

  • Their main functions consist of capturing, structuring, distributing/editing and archiving documents

  • Many benefits arise from using a document management software - such asreduced time to find a document or costs for storage


  • Basic questions around the topic of document management
    • • What is a document management system (DMS)?
    • • DMS in practice
    • • How does it work?
    • • Why do you need one?
    • • Which are the best?
    • • Sharepoint for large scale document management?
    • • What is a DMS Server?
  • What does a document management system do?
    • 1. Document Capture
    • 2. Structured and unstructured information immediately available
    • 3. Automatic Distribution and Workflow Management
    • 4. Audit-proof Archiving
  • Document Management with bitfarm-Archiv
    • Trivia about Document Management Systems
    • Further reading: Sources and interesting links

    Basic questions around the topic of document management

    What is a document management system (DMS)?

    Centralized document management systems are defined as the database-supported management of various electronic records and also adapt classic tasks of an enterprise content management system (ECM).

    The aim is to archive records and make them available to every user who has permission within the organization. The creation, revision, control, and distribution of documents are all organized and coordinated using DMS software.

    Generally speaking, document management involves the creation, processing, distribution, document editing, archiving, and document search. Client-server networks, interfaces to other software, and critical business processes are commonly used to integrate these services. The key aim of document management is to improve efficiency in the work environment by reducing processing times and making necessary information faster accessible.

    DMS in practice

    Learn how a free DMS works. bitfarm-Archiv combines all important features of enterprise document management such as archiving, structuring, distribution and processing in one solution. It is free of licence costs, up-to-date according to current law and with its wide range of possibilities a competitive alternative to cost-intensive systems.

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    How does it work?

    An electronic document management system (or commonly misspelled as DMS system) is the digital and central archiving of all incurring documents. In addition to revision-proof archiving, documents are also managed, starting from their creation. Thus, a professional DMS with individual workflows and corresponding rights management supports the efficient design of company processes. A document management solution accompanies the entire lifecycle of a document: Beginning with the creation and capture, through distribution and processing, to archiving or deletion.

    Why do you need one?

    Even small companies receive many daily documents - may it be digital or paper-based. Over time, it gets more difficult to keep track of every document. For paper-based documents, the costs of physical paper storage will rise. The search for information or small details on a document are very time-consuming and in some cases even impossible.

    This is where a DMS comes into play. With the help of cutting-edge OCR and quick responding servers, you will be able to search details within millions of documents in a matter of seconds. Even better, most of the time you will not need to store the original document. Many DMS are audit-proof, which means there will be an uneditable original file.

    Many more benefits arise when using a DMS. For example, you will be able to manage contracts more efficiently and won't miss any deadlines in the future. The system will inform you, when there is a possibility to terminate the contract. Moreover, you will gain transparency in your workspace.

    It is possible to keep track of every change which is made by the users. The chance of lost documents will reduce significantly and you won't have to create copies when distributing the documents to other employees. Other advantages are:

    • Improved control choices and more transparency
    • There is no requirement for distribution copies
    • Minimization of errors
    • Document security is improved, which means fewer documents are lost
    (Video) Enable document management with Microsoft 365
    (Video) Odoo Documents: Document Management System

    What does a document management system do?

    • Capture – of electronic or paper records
    • Structure – of the electronically archived information and metadata
    • Distribute and edit – with individual workflows and comprehensive controlling
    • Archive – unchangeable, audit-proof, legally compliant

    1. Document Capture

    These days most of the information is available in digital format, but information on paper still exists. While electronic documents can be captured automatically by bitfarm-Archiv, incoming paper documents like invoices, enter the archive through document scanning.

    A DMS stores all incoming documents in a central archive for later document retrieval. Therefore, document management systems also act as information retrieval systems. The metadata of these documents is stored in a database. Metadata includes details like creation date, document type, keywords and the contained text. The data can be saved on-premises by a server or within a cloud-based solution. If you are interested in more information on the topic of document capture, feel free to watch our YouTube video (please enable english subtitles).

    A key question when introducing a system deals with the amount of information that must be captured, which are "nice-to-have" and which are possibly superfluous and only produce unnecessary maintenance effort. Therefore, when planning, it is important to weigh up the requirements, different opinions, advantages and disadvantages for each type of document and to find a good solution, whereby further optimization is a continuous process that continues even after the software has been introduced.

    2. Structured and unstructured information immediately available

    (Video) Modern Document Management with Microsoft SharePoint

    By using this metadata, the software retrieves the archived file at any time and gains access to documents for the users. In contrast to file management within the windows explorer, using a DMS to find what you're looking for takes only a few seconds. To ensure this, however, an EDMS needs reliable text recognition and a integrated full-text search powered by a search engine.

    With the help of a document management solution, you enablesearch and retrieval when it is needed. This is the basis of nearly every business process. The faster relevant information is available, the quicker necessary decisions can be made.

    The full-text search is the easiest way to search in the DMS and works exactly like the search on google. The more search terms we can enter or the more relevant and clear these are, the more exact our result will be. With quotation marks we search for exact groups of words, a minus sign is a so-called "non-word", which must not appear in the search result. There is also a semantic full-text search with consideration of similarities.

    4. Audit-proof Archiving

    A modern DMS should also include revision-safe archiving for storage and retrieval. The files are being stored on write-protected document repositories, thus making them unchangeable. To financial authorities, they will have the same status as paper documents, which don't have to be kept anymore for possible audits. However, original records like signed contracts should be kept safe because in case of a legal dispute as they could serve as evidence.

    Documents from an ERP system require audit-compliant archiving and can therefore no longer be processed in their native file format form after they have been captured.

    Document Management System (DMS): How it works [✅2022] (4)

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    Trivia about Document Management Systems

    The first digital archive systems have existed since the early 1990s. At this time, however, the costs for licenses, servers, scanners, jukeboxes etc. were still so high that digital archiving was almost only to be found in corporate environments. In addition, working with digital archives was very time-consuming; all documents had to be indexed manually with great effort so that they could later be found via index masks.

    The rapid development of information technology today brings us high-performance servers and large storage space at affordable prices. In addition, there have been text recognition components (OCR) for several years that can recognize documents digitally with high accuracy. This enables a paradigm shift that allows documents to be captured without user intervention and reliably retrieved later.

    bitfarm-Archiv DMS, as a representative of the new generation, is using these technologies. Today, due to the progressing developments especially in the open source area, digital archiving and electronic document management can be realized very comfortably and economically in every business.

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    How does the DMS work? ›

    A DMS stores all incoming documents in a central archive for later document retrieval. Therefore, document management systems also act as information retrieval systems. The metadata of these documents is stored in a database. Metadata includes details like creation date, document type, keywords and the contained text.

    How does SAP DMS work? ›

    With SAP DMS, you can create and store a virtual copy for each type of document you use. You can efficiently track and manage document changes with versions and revisions. With advanced document search functionality, you only need keywords to find a required document in the system.

    What are examples of DMS? ›

    Document management systems (DMS) is the process of storing electronic documents and images of paper-based documents through software.
    Top 10 Document Management Systems in 2021
    • DocuWare. ...
    • Dropbox Business. ...
    • eFileCabinet. ...
    • Google Drive. ...
    • Laserfiche. ...
    • LogicalDOC. ...
    • M-Files. ...
    • OnlyOffice.
    23 Aug 2021

    What is Microsoft DMS? ›

    A document management system (DMS), on the other hand, is an automated software solution for managing digital files such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and the like. A DMS displays and consolidates everything within one document app rather than having separate document systems for each use case.

    What is DMS full form? ›

    Document management, often referred to as Document Management Systems (DMS), is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information captured through the use of a document scanner.

    What is a DMS in database? ›

    A Database Management System (DMS) is system software for creating and managing databases for any project. The DMS provides users with a systematic way to create, retrieve, update and manage data for your projects or program. Your database can be stored, modified and extracted information for any purposes.

    How do I view a DMS file in SAP? ›

    You will get a list of available documents in SAP DMS system. Double click on any row (document), you will get following type of screen. You will get list of PDF document(s) under Document Data Tab (also in Originals). Double click on any of PDF document to view/download.

    How do you upload a document to DMS? ›

    Upload a Document to the DMS
    1. Click Team then select Documents.
    2. Click the folder you wish to add the document to.
    3. Click + Add then select Document.
    4. Either drag the file(s) from another window or use the 'Choose File' to navigate to your desired file.
    5. Enter a description.
    23 Mar 2022

    What is content server in SAP DMS? ›

    The SAP Content Server is a stand-alone component in which a large quantity of electronic documents of any format and with any content can be stored. The SAP applications concerned must support the use of the SAP Content Server. The documents can be saved either in one or more MaxDB instances or in the file system.

    Which software is best for document control? ›

    • Rubex by eFileCabinet: Best Low-Cost Document Management System. Rubex by eFileCabinet. ...
    • Microsoft SharePoint: Best Overall Document Management System. Microsoft SharePoint. ...
    • M-Files: Best for Ease of Use. M-Files. ...
    • VIENNA Advantage Community: Best Free Document Management System. VIENNA Advantage Community.
    5 days ago

    How do you slide into your DMS successfully? ›

    Here, the best-selling author and Sexology with Shan host shares her top tips for successfully sliding in the DMs without looking like a creep.
    1. Escalate Intimate Conversations. ...
    2. Personalise Introductions. ...
    3. Take Advantage of Information. ...
    4. Create Stronger Bonds. ...
    5. Do Your Research. ...
    6. Dating With Dominance.
    20 Oct 2020

    How do you manage documents in a team? ›

    Accessing via Microsoft Teams You can access your files by navigating into the channel, on the tab at the top called Files. Here, will be listed all the files, folders, and other documents. The interface is "almost" similar to SharePoint. At the top, you can create new files, upload files, download files, etc.

    How do I manage documents in Word? ›

    On the Info page, click the Manage Document button. In the Manage Document shortcut menu, select Recover Unsaved Documents. An Open dialog box will appear displaying the unsaved file. Click the file, then click Open.

    How do you manage documents in Word? ›

    Go to the File tab and select Manage Document. Select the Manage Document button.

    What does DM mean in work? ›

    Deputy manager(DM)

    What is document control? ›

    Document Control Definition

    Document control can be defined as a series of practices that ensure that documents are created, reviewed, distributed, and disposed of in an organized and verifiable manner. You might also use the term “document management”.

    How does DMS full load work? ›

    During a full load migration, where existing data from the source is moved to the target, AWS DMS loads data from tables on the source data store to tables on the target data store.

    What is the difference between a database and DMS? ›

    A database is a logically modeled cluster of information [data] that is typically stored on a computer or other type of hardware that is easily accessible in various ways. A database management system is a computer program or other piece of software that allows one to access, interact with, and manipulate a database.

    Why is data management important? ›

    Data management helps minimize potential errors by establishing processes and policies for usage and building trust in the data being used to make decisions across your organization. With reliable, up-to-date data, companies can respond more efficiently to market changes and customer needs.

    How do I search a document in SAP? ›

    Select a document or folder in the directory structure of SAP Easy Document Management, for example, in the Search Result folder. Choose Find in Structure in the context menu of the document. You can also select the Search in Structure checkbox in the search dialog box for documents by choosing.

    How do I view a document in SAP? ›

    1. From the SAP Easy Access menu, choose Accounting Financial Accounting General Ledger Document.
    2. For documents in the entry view: Display (FB03)
    3. For documents in the general ledger view: Display General Ledger View (FB03L)
    4. The Display Document: Initial Screen appears.
    5. Choose Document List .

    How do I download a document from SAP? ›

    Choose Mark for Download in the context menu of the item in question. Choose Unmark for Download in the context menu of the item in question. Choose Folder Download Download this Folder . Select the items in question and choose Selection Download as ZIP File .

    How do I create a DMS file? ›

    To create a new document info record, use Transaction CV01N, or follow the menu path Logistics > Central Functions > Document Management System > Document > Create.

    How do you attach a file in SAP DMS? ›

    Create an SAP DMS document attaching a file from the Application Server and checking in an FTP vault with automatic filename creation
    1. DATA:
    2. lv_docty TYPE dokar,
    3. lv_docnr TYPE doknr,
    4. lv_docpr TYPE doktl_d,
    5. lv_docvr TYPE dokvr,
    6. ls_ret TYPE bapiret2,
    7. lt_files TYPE TABLE OF bapi_doc_files2,
    8. ls_files LIKE LINE OF lt_files,
    25 Nov 2013

    What is DMS attachment? ›

    DMS which is a module in SAP for managing Documents stands for Document Management System. Users here create documents using different document types, and inside can attach any documents such as MS Word, Excel, PDF etc.

    How do I start SAP Content Server? ›

    The Database Manager can start and stop the Database Instance.
    Upgrade Procedure
    1. Stop the content server using the command net stop w3svc.
    2. Enter the command kill inetinfo.
    3. Complete the upgrade.
    4. To restart the content server, enter net start w3svc.

    How do I view a content server in SAP? ›

    Technical connection test to SAP content server

    Start transaction OAC0 (starts with letter O and ends with zero) and select your content server. On the next screen hit the check button. If the test is ok, click on the CSADMIN button and the detailed screen comes.

    How do I access a content server in SAP? ›

    To allow this, set your repository as a HTTP repository on the other SAP system and save the corresponding technical data:
    1. Enter an application server in your own SAP system as the HTTP server. ...
    2. Enter the HTTP port of your own SAP system as the port.
    3. Enter /sap/bc/contentserver as the path.

    What are the 5 basic filing steps? ›

    There are 5 methods of filing:
    • Filing by Subject/Category.
    • Filing in Alphabetical order.
    • Filing by Numbers/Numerical order.
    • Filing by Places/Geographical order.
    • Filing by Dates/Chronological order.

    What are the 3 types of filing systems? ›

    Filing and classification systems fall into three main types: alphabetical, numeric and alphanumeric. Each of these types of filing systems has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the information being filed and classified. In addition, you can separate each type of filing system into subgroups.

    How do I manage files and folders? ›

    Every Windows folder provides easy access to common file and folder management tasks. When you open any folder on your computer, a list of hyperlinked tasks is displayed next to the folder contents. You can select a file or folder, and then click a task to rename, copy, move, or delete it.

    How do you manage digital documents? ›

    10 File Management Tips to Keep Your Electronic Files Organized
    1. Organization Is the Key to Electronic File Management.
    2. Use the Default Installation Folders for Program Files.
    3. One Place for All Documents.
    4. Create Folders in a Logical Hierarchy.
    5. Nest Folders Within Folders.
    6. Follow the File Naming Conventions.
    7. Be Specific.
    1 May 2020

    What is file and file management? ›

    File Management: The process and act of creating an organized structure in which you store information for easy retrieval. Drive: A drive is a computer storage device that holds information. It is the top-level location (or "Root" directory) for file storage.

    Which software is used for digital documentation? ›

    Answer. Explanation: Enterprise Content Management Systems manage and control digital documents created using Microsoft Office Suite and accounting software like CAD etc.

    How do you slide in DMs without being creepy? ›

    How To Slide Into the DMs Without Being Creepy
    1. Be thoughtful and creative. ...
    2. Use proper grammar. ...
    3. Be aware of the medium and the message. ...
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    5. Know the rules of engagement.
    12 Feb 2019

    How do you jump in DM? ›

    "The best way to keep things going over DM is to ask questions," according to Melissa. "You can comment on something they posted, share moments from your own day or send them that funny meme you saw." Plus, if you discover that you have some of the same interests then you'll have more to talk about.

    What is the difference between files and documents in Teams? ›

    There is no difference between the Files and Documents Tab, both of them link to SharePoint. By default, only Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity forms have Files tab, you can refer to this document to add Files tab for other entities' forms.

    How do I view files in a team? ›

    Tip: Another way to view your recent files is to enter /files in the command bar at the top of Teams. Microsoft Teams contains all the documents that were recently created or edited in the channels that appear in your teams list. Downloads shows all the files you've downloaded from Teams.

    How do you organize your team? ›

    Best practice: Create teams with a larger set of members and more channels. Minimize the number of teams that require a person's participation. Channels within a team should be thought of as topics or workstreams to aid the team in organizing their work to deliver on their joint objectives.

    Where is manage document? ›

    In MS Word, click the File Tab in the upper left. 2. Click Manage Document and select Recover Unsaved Documents from the drop-down list.

    How do I create a DM in SharePoint? ›

    Pre-Requisites To Create A Document Management System In SharePoint
    1. Determine the type of documents that will go into the system: ...
    2. List out the kind of information that must be collected for every document: ...
    3. Work with Metadata: ...
    4. Content Types: ...
    5. Control Access:
    29 Sept 2022

    How do I enable a document? ›

    Enable editing in your document
    1. Go to File > Info.
    2. Select Protect document.
    3. Select Enable Editing.

    What is a working document? ›

    A working draft (sometimes called a draft document) is a type of technical report that is a work in progress, a preliminary form of a possible future document. A working draft indicates a commitment on the part of the issuing organization to do further work in the area outlined in the document.

    Is there a way to restore deleted files? ›

    Right-click the file or folder, and then select Restore previous versions. You'll see a list of available previous versions of the file or folder. The list will include files saved on a backup (if you're using Windows Backup to back up your files) as well as restore points, if both types are available.

    What is a DMS on Instagram? ›

    Instagram Direct lets you send messages to one or more people. These messages can include text and photos or videos you take or upload from your library. You can also send the following things as a message on Instagram Direct: Posts you see in feed.

    What is DMS in discord? ›

    A Direct Message (or DM for short, sometimes referred to as a Private Message or PM) is a message directly from the sender to the recipient, not connected to any server. DMs cannot be viewed by anyone except the sender and the recipient, and exist in a special channel for this purpose.

    Can I read a DM without them knowing? ›

    Read Instagram Direct Messages Without Marking as Seen. There are several ways to check Instagram DMs without sending out the read receipts. You can either use Instagram's restrict feature, disable your internet, or even use third-party services.

    How can I see other peoples Instagram messages? ›

    Instagram Lite app for Android

    Tap in the top right. Tap the conversation you want to view. Why can't I find a direct message in my Chats list? If someone you follow sends you a message, it'll appear in your Chats list.

    Are Discord DMs private? ›

    We here at Discord completely and totally understand that private messages are private, and that you'd want to keep them that way. With that in mind, we programmed the robo-hamsters to only scan images specifically (no text at all!), and include the option to be turned off completely.

    How do I disable Discord DMs? ›

    To turn off DMs on Discord desktop and mobile applications, open Discord, go to the “USER SETTINGS” manual, and click on the “Privacy & Safety” option. Next, search and click on the “Allow direct messages from server members” option inside the “SERVER PRIVACY DEFAULT” category, and disable the toggle to turn off DMs.

    Is Discord a safe app? ›

    Is Discord safe? With the right privacy settings and monitoring, it's easy to use Discord safely. However, there's always a risk when it comes to sites and apps with open chat. The safest way to use Discord is to only accept friend requests and participate in private servers with people you already know.

    What are the four elements of document management? ›

    The key components of a document management system include document capture, storage, metadata, versioning, security, indexing, and retrieval features.

    How can document management be improved? ›

    Document Control Best Practices
    1. Say goodbye to papers. Consider moving beyond the traditional means of paper documentation. ...
    2. Get professional input. ...
    3. Establish clear roles. ...
    4. Automate the processes. ...
    5. Integrate with Training.
    1 Apr 2021

    Why is file management important? ›

    File management techniques are important because they can help you keep your computer organized and can make it easier to find and use the files you need. Having a good file management strategy can also help you free up space on your hard drive and keep your computer running smoothly.


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